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Unnatural links and how they effect your websites SEO campaign

What are unnatural links?

Unnatural links are links purely created for SEO purpose and have no relevance to a person viewing a website. There are different types of unnatural links including blog comment spam, blogging networks and reciprocal link networks or “link farms”

How do these kind of links effect my website optimisation?

Too many unnatural links to your website will have a negative effect on your seo campaign, your website my drop significantly and could get penalized by Google.

Google will see these links to your website have no relevance to the person viewing the site, there are many key signs that the links are unnatural and therefore a sign of someone attempting to manipulate Google’s search results.

If you have a Google webmaster tools account you may find the following message

Why do some seo companies build unnatural links?

The most common answer to this question is, some believe that they still work for a websites optimisation, Google used to be a bit more lenient on what was classed as an unnatural link and many seo companies may simply not have kept up to date with Google Algorithm changes, Google’s notorious Penguin update first launched in 2012, penalized many websites for having unnatural link schemes.

Whilst unnatural linking is generally bad for a website, for a short period it may start to rank well in the search engines quite quickly, Although this will likely to be followed with a penalty from Google, where by requesting all the links be removed before it will even consider ranking the website ever again from this point.

What happens if your website gets hit by unnatural links?

If your seo services include the implementation of unnatural links then the good news is there is a way of fixing it should you site be penalized, although the bad news is that it can take a long time to fix which could have a huge impact on your website dependant on how much your business relies on it.

Sometimes a better option is to start a new website from scratch using a new domain name, although the website will take a long time to gain the trust of the search engines, there maybe a lot of work to do and fresh new content to write, the site will not have a history of spammy SEO tactics.

If your websites been hit by an unnatural links warning and you would like help recovering the site or if you have any other questions then please feel free to get in touch

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