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3 simple steps to get generic organic search results from Google UK

If an SEO consultant is working on your website optimisation then how do you know where your website is generally ranking in Google UK without all of Googles new customisations? these 3 simple steps ensure you get the most generic results possible for UK searches.

The 3 simple steps to check your websites search position…

Video Transcription

What I’m going to do today is show you how to get generic organic search results from Google.co.uk the reason for this is, as you might be aware, over the last few years google’s really changed the way it delivers its search results. It now customises them based on users interests, websites they’ve already visited and the location of the visitor, while this can be beneficial to the user that’s searching, its quite difficult to see with these customizations where exactly your websites ranking generally for anyone whose searching in the UK.

So I’m going to show you three simple steps to ensure you get the most generic results possible in Google.co.uk, so first of all make sure you are on Google.co.uk and not Google.com, usually you will be on the .co.uk site but occasionally browser add ons and things like that can actually direct you to the .com site and give you general global results rather than the .co.uk results where as a business in the UK you would be looking for the .co.uk results, so just ensure that first of all.

Then the 3 simple steps, firstly to ensure your signed out of Google and this is because it will give you results based on anything that you done that’s related to that account, any Google products you’ve got under that email address it can customise your results based on that, so just sign out of Google to start with.

The second step is to just disable the web history, and this is probably the biggest part and Google’s now looking at what websites you’ve already looked at , what interests you’ve got and can customise the results based all on this kind of thing. So if we go to search, so I just search for test, there’s an icon here, its a cog, its a settings icon, click on web history. So once you’ve clicked on web history, its quite simple, just click Disable customizations based on search activity. This then comes up with a message to say it is actually disabled, so your results will not be customised by search activity or things that you search for online from this point.

If we go back to Google.co.uk, I’m now going to show you the final step to ensure you get general UK search results, if we type Test in here, we can actually see the location on the left side here, its currently for me set to Nottingham UK, its automatically detected in a rough range of your IP address, and what we want to do is set that so it’s just showing results for UK and not customising them based on your location, so if we click here, change location, as you can see it’s set as auto detected, if we just type in UK and click set, its now set to United Kingdom. Now all of our search results will actually be general search results for people searching within the UK, they won’t be customised based on current interests, the location or anything else that Google might consider, they are completely organic search results now. I hope you find this useful, if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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