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Rick Middleton

Should Google+ be utilised for online brand awareness & SEO?

After the success of many social other media sites, Google developed Google+ and after it’s initial release in 2011, despite a large marketing budget and advertising across its own platforms such as YouTube, it never really took off. That seems to have changed recently with many reporting that it could overtake Facebook as the most used social media site worldwide. …

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Avoiding SEO Cowboys – what to look out for when choosing an expert

Unfortunately SEO as an industry is often viewed in a negative light by many. This can be down to a bad experience with a search engine optimisation company or through promises that were never met. The reason for this being so common is that SEO is not an instant thing, adding to this is also the technical complexity of a …

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How to write SEO friendly content that suits your visitors

It’s useful to know the techniques behind writing quality content but it’s also useful to deliver it in an SEO friendly manner. Sometimes people think SEO friendly content means stuffing as many keywords as possible, whilst many struggle with making their content SEO ready whilst keeping it’s substance and appeal to the reader. A few simple tips to how to …

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online directories

Online Directories, are they still effective in SEO?

Using online directories to build back links to your website is vastly becoming a very ‘old hat’ technique for building up your sites search engine rank position. So we answer the question, is there any value in online directories in modern day SEO? The purpose of an online directory. The original purpose of online directories was to find things on …

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